The 3 Big rewards of working in an office

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Jan 14, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Working in different projects at work makes you more creative.
  • An office environment helps you manage your time.
  • Going to office exposes you to all kinds of people.
  • You learn to adapt to different work situations.

A chunk of India’s population travels to work by compulsion. The rest of us are either self-employed or work from home. While it is pleasurable to waste no money on office clothes and be given a brand new laptop to work on from home, this convenience does not beat the three big rewards of working in an office set-up.

Benefits of working in an office

You get to know people

Working in a full-fledged establishment with 50 other employees sharing the same goal helps you to explore relationships with people. While what you foster may not be a personal relationship, you do get to learn about all the kind of people there are around you, which can prove to be great lessons for future acquaintances. And, there is always something or the other to learn from building relationships. There is a world out there, and being in an office gives you a little whiff of it.


You learn to manage your time

If you were to stay at home for a week without deadlines, you would most likely lose track of your lifestyle. This is what being in an office helps you take control of. Most offices have fixed hours for work, lunch and breaks in between. From the minute you join a new work place, you are taught to adapt yourself to the prescribed time slot. This will over a period of time, help you work according to a timeline, thus shaping your lifestyle for the better.


You become more creative

Working in an office encourages you to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. This works your brain up to think of creative ways to expand your knowledge, thus helping you know how to become more creative. You then get to investigate and learn different methods and techniques of managing and resolving. There will be a variety of projects to work on that will further advance your knowledge base.

Thus, working in an office environment is not all that bad. Like most workplaces, be it home-based, there are disadvantages to working in an office and it is for you to look into the upsides instead of focusing on things that slide you down.


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  • Kripa19 Jan 2016

    Meeting great people is indeed a plus point. I am lucky I haven't found sick people like others who have said to have found many in their respective organizations.

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