10 ways you can lose weight with these super simple daily habits

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Jul 10, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Craving for your favourite juice? Combine it with plain water.
  • When on a phone call, use this opportunity to expend calories.
  • Skipping the sauces could save up to 100 calories per day.

Most people have trouble controlling their weight or fail to bring it down where they would like. Losing weight doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated because a few simple things can make a big difference.

Here are some one-minute weight loss secrets that may help you to shed some weight.

Don’t drink calories

Soda, coffee, tea, juice, alcohol and other beverages add calories. When you drink them, you don’t realize how many calories you are drinking. Stop drinking calories, rather drink water. Sip on water all day long; it may make you feel full without giving you calories. If you are craving for your favourite juice, combine it with plain water.

Do talk-and-walk

Burning calories is easier than you think. When you are attending to a phone call, use this opportunity to expend calories. Walk when you talk on the phone.

The desk workout

All you need is a minute to do the desk workout. One way of doing it is by sitting up straight and squeezing in your stomach. Thereafter, lift up on your toes to tighten your calves and shape up your ankles by stretching your leg.

Study the labels

A quick glance at the wrapper of a bar, food or beverage can save you a lot of calories. Educate yourself on how to read nutrition labels and what to look for on them.  Understanding "Serving Size" and "Servings per Piece" will be of great help.

Make a salad for lunch

Making a salad doesn’t take much time and is a great replacement for your lunchtime meal. Put in loads of healthy greens and some lean protein.

Use the staircase

There is probably an elevator at the office entrance, but you must try to move up and down through the staircase.  Take this opportunity when you can burn extra calories by making multiple trips up and down the steps.

Use the farther restroom

You should start using the restroom that is the farthest from your desk. Going the distance can help you expend a few calories. Taking a trip to the other side of the office also gives you a chance to meet other colleagues.

Keep snacks handy

Nuts are known to be excellent belly-slimming mono-unsaturated fats. Pack a small box of nuts for work. You will need them when hunger strikes or just-for-snacking purposes. A handful of nuts can energise you, making you feel full and thus, keeping your blood sugar levels under control.

Watch out for carbohydrates

Carbohydrates give you plenty of energy but you need to keep your portions in check (especially when you're eating out). Halve your carbohydrate serving (when eating foods such as pasta, pizza, bread, or rice).

Hold the sauces

Skipping the ketchup, mayo or other sauces could save up to 100 calories per day. Make the change, today.

When it comes to weight loss, we often overlook little things but focus on lifestyle overhaul. Adopt the aforementioned steps to inch closer to your weight loss goal.

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